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I offer a variety of coaching programs based on your needs and the development you are seeking.

If you do not see a program that fits your needs below, contact me to discuss potential options. To learn more about my coaching philosophy and process click here


“You get in life what you have the courage to ask for."



 Monthly Programs

Three, Six, Nine or Twelve  Month Options

Timing:  1:1 coaching can start at any time. Sessions are scheduled weekly or bi-weekly, with majority by phone. Depending on goals, short or long-term, the right timeframe will be agreed by the end of the third coaching session. 

Cost:  $500 per hour for Leadership and Executive Coaching (paid for by the organization). Lower rates are offered for individuals seeking Life Coaching and paying for it themselves. 


Virtually from any location

This coaching program is a great option for people who are curious about coaching and want to get a taste of it themselves, but may not be ready to make a longer-term commitment.  The package includes:

  • Three assessments to understand strengths, limitations, and areas of development, analyzed and summarized in detailed reports the client has for life.

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions over the course of 6 weeks by phone to debrief the assessments including learnings and possible actions the client may want to take.

  • Customized coaching plan to guide and focus the client’s practice areas in the coming months.

  • 90 minute integration coaching session three-months later to assess progress and refine the coaching plan based on what’s working and where challenges have emerged.

  • Additional coaching check-in's can be purchased if needed.

Timing:  Can start at any time. Sessions are held bi-weekly by phone.

Cost:  $1,800 

Career Coaching Package

Virtually from any location

  • Three assessments to understand your strengths, limitations, and areas of development. Results are integrated with your career expertise, passions and interests to deepen clarity and insight around where your career could go next.

  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions over the course of six weeks by phone, resulting in concrete career selection criteria, detailed input on your current resume and other branding vehicles (eg., LinkedIn), and targeted questions to ask during interviews to determine interest and fit.

  • Concrete reflections, practices and resources to guide your ongoing career search.

Additional coaching sessions can be purchased to support the interview and selection process until your next career role is realized!

Timing:  Can start at any time. Sessions are held bi-weekly by phone.

Cost:  $1,800 

Team Based Coaching

With team based coaching we will leverage tools and methods unique to the challenges of team dynamics and personality profiles when trying to deliver on shared goals. While these programs are customized, here are some common outcomes typically desired:

  • Accelerate team formation and create a clear path to higher performance outcomes

  • Establish a shared team purpose with supporting leadership practices

  • Build relationships, drive alignment and strengthen commitment to individual and shared goals

  • Create an atmosphere for crucial, open and outcome-focused conversations.

  • Identify root causes for team dysfunction and co-create practical but sustainable solutions to address

Team coaching programs include:  A selected team assessment and up to 3 coaching sessions with the leader.


Rock bottom becomes the solid foundation upon which you build your new life."


Coaching Certifications

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