Consulting Services


Dedicated to individual, team, organizational, and community growth and change.  

My consulting approach is holistic and integrated, addressing important topics on three levels: individual, team and organization so results are more embedded and sustainable.  Consulting projects are custom-designed and priced.

If you commit to nothing, you’re distracted by everything."


The focus and expertise we offer falls into three primary areas:

Organizational Health

  • Full Diagnostic Package (assessments, surveys, focus groups, interviews, etc.)

  • Gap Assessment Reporting and Supporting Communication

  • Engagement Surveys, Analysis and Reporting

  • Change and Project Planning

Leadership & Team Development

  • Executive and Board Retreats (design and facilitation)

  • Team Development and Performance Improvement (design and facilitation)

  • Leadership Program Design (development and facilitation)

  • Leadership Team Meetings (design and facilitation)

  • Conference/Forum Events (design and facilitation)


Cultural Transformation, Strategy Development, & Change Management

  • Re-organizations and Cultural Integrations

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Cultural Assessments and Health Analysis Reports and Recommendations

  • Cultural Change Planning

  • Strategic Communications (change, story telling, leadership alignment and cascade planning)


General Information

Consulting projects are custom. A proposal is drafted after the first intake and once approved, including time and costs, the project is initiated.  This process generally take 4-6 weeks.   

  • Consulting projects may be billed at a daily or hourly rate depending on request. This is determined after initial intake and proposal is delivered.

  • Longer-term projects (more than 5 days of consulting time) are negotiated directly with the client and typically utilize a hybrid of hourly and per-day rates depending on the type of consultation needed.

  • For projects requiring additional consultants, I collaborate with a very talented group of OD consultants. Should a larger team be needed for your project, you would have the chance to interview and select them.