Corporate Workshops


Team and Group  Experiences

Through workshops on targeted topics such as trust, engagement, change, communication and group dynamics, we support business initiatives and enable greater employee contribution within and across teams. When a team performs, both the individual and the team thrive.

Topics for Teams

The following topics are offered as intact team workshops ranging from four hours to three days.  Both standard and custom programs are available.

  • Enneagram Training and Team Development

  • Leadership (variety of topics)

  • Coaching

  • Values & Motivation

  • Strategy and Execution

  • Influence & Power

  • Leading Change

  • Trust & Empowerment

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Decision Making

  • Neuroleadership

  • Leading Virtual Teams

  • Matrix Management

  • Strategy and Execution

  • Working Across Org Boundaries

  • Communication: including dialogue, conflict management, story telling, and communication planning


Guest Speaker


Renee is available for 90-120 minute guest presentations at large meetings or conferences on any of the above topics. 


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