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The practice of Mindfulness involves being aware, moment-to-moment, of one’s subjective conscious experience from a first-person perspective. Mindfulness is an attribute of consciousness long believed to promote well-being. The skill of mindfulness can be gradually developed using meditation practices. 


In this section you will find information on my favorite development resources that I commonly use in my practice on the topic of Mindfulness. I've included a variety of books, articles and assessments to support a range of interests and development goals.  

Other topics commonly covered in my practice include: Self-Improvement, Leadership, Team Development, Neuroscience & Neuroleadership, Enneagram, Hoffman Process, TED Talks and Assessments.


Mindful Minutes Practice:

Spend 15 minutes daily in contemplation, reflection, and meditation to cultivate stillness in the mind and focus on your vision. If you already do this, consider adding something new. Some suggestions are:

  • Breath (focus on the sound and rhythm of your breath)

  • Body Scan (feel where in your body you may be contracted, or relaxed, etc. - just notice)

  • Contemplation (let your mind wander, what is occupying your attention, desires, etc)

  • Journaling (write, write, write!)

  • Stillness (Back to the breath, or empty space, still the monkey mind, just be)


A ten-minute guided breathing exercise from the Potential Project.

Three Simple Mindfulness Practices You Can Use Every Day.

Meditations, books, apps, downloads and more to support your mindful journey.

Recorded Talks by Pamela Weiss.


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