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I had done some coaching with Renée in the past and came back to her a year later specifically for career coaching. I had been laid off and wanted to make sure I was more clear and intentional about my next role. And I found it!

My new role aligns beautifully with my career and personal goals. Its a big position (40% pay increase!) and will stretch me to grow and challenge some of the limiting beliefs you and I worked on together. I want to thank you for your tremendous support and encouragement. By helping me narrowly define my goals, I was able to “know” when the position was a good fit. THANK YOU!
— Althea, Marketing Director
Thanks to Renee’s outstanding ability of coaching our group, we have lived a unique experience, of which the outcome for me is that she cracked my life as an adult. I will be grateful to her for my entire life.
— Ivan, COO, DMK Baby GmbH
I still feel the very positive vibes of the week we spent together. The impact it has had on me, both in my private and my professional life, is tremendous. I feel much more ‘in balance’ (heart, body & mind), to live life again to the fullest. I am more grateful for the life I have lived and the people I have loved so far. So once again, many thanks for all your valuable insights and feedback. You were/are really amazing!
— Noël Pauwels, Managing Director Amazon Insurance
In the moment, Renee’s coaching was able to bring out my greatest strengths and passion for what I do in a way that felt authentic and truly came from within. I had been preparing for job interviews and had the benefit of senior mentors who wanted to tell me how to “show up”, what I should say and even what words I should use. In a pretty short time, Renee focused on my unique strengths, increased my confidence and self esteem, and prepared me for new challenges in a way that made me enjoy every step of exploring new opportunities. I even got the job I wanted which was really a bonus!
— Sandra, Head of Portfolio Management and Strategic Projects, Roche
I have worked with Renée and have recommended her to several professional and personal friends. Renee, brings significant experience in leadership coaching and human resources management. She has been my coach for almost two years. I worked with her on multiple projects including self analysis, team analysis, building teams, defining and pursuing new roles. She has been and continues to be instrumental in helping me make leaps in my career and break development barriers, which were holding me back.

In addition to her professionalism, punctuality, and consistent follow up, which I appreciate so much in her, there are several traits that differentiate Renée from other coaches that I have approached or worked with.

She skillfully and quickly gets to the core of the issue, whether it is mental, emotional, or habitual and focuses on it instead of working on symptoms. Her style is very customized; focusing on the personal patterns, skills, style, issues and working on changing them or developing new skills to reach the defined goals. She leverages a wide array of tools and frameworks and customizes them for the need.

Last but not least, she is an amazing human being who believes in everyone’s worth and has a mission to help people realize theirs. This is important because coaching to her is more than just a job.
— Ihab, Director of Products, Amazon
Time invested in Renee’s coaching program allowed me to listen deeply, understand myself/others with compassion, and live with intent. I have become stronger and more sustainable in my capabilities and capacities at work and at home. The transition period into a new job and living abroad could not have been a better time to engage Renee. The six-month coaching program began with a set of thought provoking questions to gain clarity about my life and expectations. Her program doesn’t end with self-awareness but it continues on as a form of active learning that transfers awareness to behavior change. Not only do I know better, but I actually live better.

Life is a series of transitions, some more pivotal than others. No matter where you are at today, there is a space between the no longer and the yet to live. If you find yourself ready to make that transition, Renee is the right choice.
— Catherine, Regional Procurement Head for APAC
My career was in a slump; I felt stagnant and in a rut. Through Renee’s coaching I was able to clearly see blind spots in my ways of thinking that were holding me back both professionally and personally. I am now much happier, more engaged, fulfilled and successful in my work and with my family life.
— Joe, Quality Director, Genentech
When we look back on our careers, many of us can identify that small but profound “tipping point” that changed everything and set you off in an entirely new direction or at an accelerated pace. For me, it was my coaching experience with Renée.

I was an older worker having trouble finding my niche at a fast paced biotech company. Using a “Mapping Your Future” exercise, Renée led me to identify what my work bliss and talent really was, and open my eyes to new opportunities that enriched me.

As a result, I made a mid-career course correction. Today I perform at a higher level, even winning an internal performance award, and am recognized as an expert in my field. I have found my niche.

You can teach old dogs new tricks, and Renée is the best coach to do so. She really is “the career whisperer.” She is sensitive, caring, creative, and sincerely rejoices in the success of others.

Whatever your personal or professional goals, or even if you are unclear about either, Renée can help.
— Jerry, Sr Principal Consultant, Center for Health System Performance, Kaiser Permanente

Team Development & Workshop Facilitation

I have to tell you what a phenomenal job I thought that you did with this group. I have never experienced a meeting that was so well run, so fluid, but most important so engaging. I learned more in a two day period of time than I have in over 8 years here. I was just so impressed and so blessed to be a part of it all. It was an amazing two days.
— Executive Team Meeting Participant, BioMarin
Thank you again for the great facilitation and insights you shared with us this past week. What you do and how you do it helped bring out what was of importance and the promise of a what we can achieve working together!
— Russell, Team Development Workshop
Thank you for your support. Slowly but surely I shall be more present, and more in tune with myself moving forward. Your workshop was invaluable; a lot of the things you said struck a chord deep in me. There is a part of me that has been operating on auto pilot for a long time now. Two days with you have instilled more awareness in me and more confidence.
— Daphne, Participant of 'Leading and Living With Presence'

Interviews & Speaking Engagments

Renée interviewed me as part of an online personal leadership Summit. Her interview is one of the two best that has ever been done with me. The other interview that I consider impressive was done in the early-90’s by Dr. Daniel Goleman when he was a staff writer on the New York Times, and already then trained as a psychologist. In other words, her abilities and applied skills are in very thin air.
— David Krueger, Best Selling Author and CEO of MentorPath

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