Women's Leadership Circles


A Transformative Group Coaching Experience

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A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.
— Melinda Gates

About the Program:

This program is a response to the growing complexity and challenges surrounding women’s advancement into senior leadership positions. The internal and external barriers that women have to navigate are coming at a great cost. Tackling this pervasive issue requires a deeper and more novel approach.

Through a unique facilitated process and program design, Women’s Leadership Circles empower participants to surface unconscious biases, manifest new possibilities, and implement personalized strategies that produce meaningful and sustainable results. To accelerate this work, we use the Enneagram to determine each participant’s core personality “type” and the strengths, patterns and areas of potential development. Among other content, together we explore the essential developmental topics of mindfulness, inner critic, creative expression, and wholehearted leadership.

The program’s aim is to enable women to achieve more fulfilling leadership and work experiences. When this happens, organizations reap the rewards that come from these women’s heightened contributions. The ultimate gain is a work environment that is inclusive, emotionally intelligent, and fosters well-being.

Participating in this program will enable you to:

  • Live and lead more authentically.
  • Attain clarity about your personal leadership identity, purpose and goals.
  • Build or make clearer your own leadership presence.
  • Bring original thinking and voice to organizational demands and opportunities.
  • Increase confidence to tackle or influence the barriers and challenges found working in complicated and dynamic environments.
  • Foster greater appreciation for feminine values back at your workplace (such as collaboration, compassion, and communication).

Program Structure:

  •  Three one-day face-to-face group sessions from 9:00 – 5:00 PDT. Lunch will be served.
  •  Individual monthly hour-long coaching sessions with Renée. First coaching session occurs prior to first group session for two hours. (Total of seven hours of 1:1 coaching).
  • Monthly two-hour small-group virtual meetings (In months when there is no face-to-face group session).
  • Monthly peer-coach meetings.
  • Attendees: Maximum of eight women.

When: Begins in November 2017 with monthly meetings until April 2018. 

Face-to-Face Group Meetings from 9am-5pm:  11/28/17, 1/30/2018, 3/27/18
Virtual Group Meetings from 9-11am:  12/19/17, 2/13/18, 4/24/18

Location: Portland, OR

Cost: $4,300 (20% discount for non-profit and government organizations)

To learn more about this program:  Contact Renée Dineen at reneedineen@gmail.com    or  +1-650-452-0185

Program Brochure: Click Here



I am an incredible fan of the WLC program, and would recommend it to any woman leader seeking to accelerate her leadership advancement. The well planned 6-month program provided just the right mix of one-on-one personal coaching and group sessions, as well as a curriculum that intertwined both scientific and creative methodologies. The end result is a personalized experience that provides busy leaders the luxury of purposeful time, dedicated to self reflection and growth. Immediate benefits include realigning on professional aspirations and personal goals, and discovering new ways to demonstrate leadership within my organization. I feel energized by the WLC program, and feel energized for emerging leadership prospects moving forward.
Being part of WLC has been an amazing experience. It has allowed me to better understand my own strengths, skills, and emotions, and leverage these as unique opportunities to lead teams, develop myself, develop others and show up as a grounded authentic female leader. In addition WLC has connected me with many truly outstanding women in a safe, open and instantly trusting environment that made us all share easily and develop fast and lasting connections.
— Christiane , VP Medical Affairs, Biotech Company
The WLC session has empowered me to be more confident and present in the moment, allowing me to connect more with my team and peers to enhance my leadership skills. I was able to tap into what is truly important to me and focus on bringing that forward in my personal and professional life.
The WLC has been a unique leadership program – unlike the more didactic programs to which we are more typically exposed, I have been able to more fully incorporate and put to use the skills that I have gained. As a result, the program has been the most effective at inducing long lasting improvements in my leadership approach.
The WLC was an incredible journey of self-exploration and self-understanding. I was a bit of a skeptic of the WLC when I first entered the program but with further exposure to Ipek’s techniques and insights I have seen tangible changes in my sense of self and I now have a more fully crystallized leadership vision.
WLC is ostensibly an empowerment program to help women achieve more fulfilling leadership and work experiences. It is this, yet it is also so much more — as it provides a source of newfound energy, friendships and strength. Ipek is one of a kind and a true champion of women.
— Nancy, Director, Biotech Company
WLC embraces the power of women leaders to engage in frank dialogues about challenges in the workplace, including gender stereotypes / unconscious bias. I learned about myself and opportunities to continue to grow as a leader. I embraced new ideas that will enable me to realize my full potential as a woman leader.
— Michelle, Senior Director, Technology Company
WLC is a power program connecting women, their challenges, and their deeper purpose. WLC is a truly transformational experience that empowers every participant to be a better leader.
— Mary, Entrepreneur
The WLC has been a journey toward finding my own inner peace and strength. It has given me an amazing community of peers to inspire me, and a power to change the world
— Raashina, Director of Engineering, Biotech Company
WLC is by far the most beautiful development program I’ve attended. I learned so much from Ipek’s stories and facilitation, as well as from my peers. This community provided the space for me to learn, share, develop and transform myself exponentially as a female leader who is now more confident to do what I previously feared.
— Joan, Head of Manufacturing, Biotech Company