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 I am a business consultant, and an executive and lifestyle coach with a deep passion and commitment for developing more conscious leaders, entrepreneurs, and human beings who love themselves, live their lives and lead their organizations and communities with greater presence, intention, care and flow.


I offer 1:1 and team coaching, along with, a series of targeted group coaching programs to meet the needs and interests of individuals, leaders, teams and communities for both profit and non-profit organizations. 

Coaching Certifications


I am a boutique firm dedicated to individual, team, organizational, and community growth and change.  My consulting approach is holistic and integrated, addressing important topics on three levels: individual, team and organization so results are more embedded and sustainable.  


On these pages you will find currently scheduled retreats, workshops, custom coaching programs, and corporate workshops .

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Learn more about the Modern Goddess Retreat by viewing the video to the right that captures the experience of those who attend in November of 2017. 

More videos and testimonials can be found on the Modern Goddess Retreat page

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I am a wife, mom of two elementary-age kids, executive and life coach, business consultant, and group facilitator.  I am also a speaker, world traveler, writer, and family travel blogger.  

I am an internationally known and trained HR executive, executive coach and business consultant with over 20 years of experience, including 5 years living and working overseas. I have built leadership and organizational capability in over 40 countries in the biotech, pharmaceuticals, health care, technology, internet, and service industries. Read more...


A sampling of my favorite resources and readings within the bodies of knowledge used most in my practice. Included are a variety of good reads to support a range of unique interests and development goals. 


Here you will find links to my recent publications on topics such as leadership, organization development, mindfulness and travel.   

When we look back on our careers, many of us can identify that small but profound “tipping point” that changed everything and set you off in an entirely new direction or at an accelerated pace. For me, it was my coaching experience with Renée.
I have never experienced a meeting that was so well run, so fluid, but most important so engaging. I learned more in a two day period of time than I have in over 8 years here. I was just so impressed and so blessed to be a part of it all. It was an amazing two days.

"When we feel freer in our lives, when our mind is quieted and we have given ourselves permission to make choices that serve us, we come alive. We begin a journey to living a life we love."